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Awaken your own intuition and psychic abilities at our Be Psychic Classes and Workshops. The place for exploring and developing psychic awareness.

Introduction to Energy Meditation Class – Eight hours of instruction teaching energy meditation and tools, taught over a 4 week period. Each week new concepts and a new technique will be taught along with review.

Introduction to Clairvoyance – Thirty hours of instruction taught over a 12 week period. This intensive course will teach you the basics on how to develop your Psychic and Intuitive Abilities. In addition, you will learn how to do aura and other types of readings.

Ongoing Workshops and Events – Come visit one of our workshops or upcoming events.

Aura Readings – By appointment.

Robin King is an instructor of intuitive and psychic development and has been taught more than 2000 people to use their Psychic Abilities since 1984. He worked at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and is also the founder of the Pacific Institute for Intuitive Development in Berkeley, California. In addition to teaching Energy Meditation and Clairvoyance, Mr. Horn is also a Clairvoyant Reader himself. Aura

He has successfully taught over 2000 people to read clairvoyantly and use the psychic abilities. Come and talk to him at the coming fair or contact him personally if you would like to know more. Mr. Horn believes that we are all clairvoyant and it is simply a matter of strengthening these abilities through practice and intuitive exercises. Find out about your own psychic abilities and how you can tap into them. See the events listing at our website

Calling a phone psychic in New Zealand can be fun and exciting at the same time. Robin Telephone psychics are now gaining world wide recognition in the psychic world. A simple call or message to Robin King Phone Psychics can literally turn your life around. It will amaze you at how many people contact there service and report a new lease on life. Based in New Zealand their service is second to none. Scroll through there long list of extraordinary readers to find a staff member who will best suit your needs.