Kitchen Remodeling Design: Smart Ideas

So you’ve got the basic idea for your kitchen sorted – now how can you make it into something really special? To make your kitchen really stand out from the rest, you need to combine clever ideas with practicality. In this article we’ll give you some tips on how to push your kitchen renovation to the next level and we really recommend kitchen remodeling charlotte nc.


Integrated Appliances

If you want to keep your kitchen design sleek and clean, consider building your major appliances into your kitchen cupboards. So for instance, instead of having the fridge standing in contrast to the rest of the room, you can build it into a cupboard. Open the specially designed cupboard door, and hey presto – there’s your fridge. The same idea can be applied to microwaves and dishwashers  – dishwashers in particular can be disguised with an integrated front panel.

Cut Down on Handles

Big kitchen cupboard handles can be impractical and even ugly, and if they stick out too much, you’ll run into them as you walk past. So opt for small handles with a sleek design that don’t draw too much attention to themselves. Better yet, small recesses can be built into top of the cupboard doors, creating a completely unobtrusive spot to grab onto.

Fancy Splashback

While there’s nothing wrong with a tried-and-true tiled splashback, a carefully chosen splashback can add flair and style to your kitchen. In the past decade, glass splashbacks have featured heavily in modern kitchen designs – they are easy to clean and look great. Stainless steel is another good choice in minimal settings, while a European-style tile mosaic could add a touch of sophistication.

Cool Storage

Corner cupboards are a great spot for clever design. Traditionally a wasted part of the kitchen, these days there’s a huge range of options for making this space count, such as rotating trays and fold-out shelves. If you like to cook, give some practical character to your cooking space by leaving your tools on display, whether hanging from hooks, arranged on open shelving or attached to magnetic bars. This has the added bonus of putting your pots, knives and pans close at hand when they’re needed.

Bright Lighting Ideas

Lighting is a topic that deserves a whole section to itself, but briefly – you need to consider both your ambient lighting and task lighting. Ambient lighting is used to light rooms in general, and not for specific tasks. This sets the mood of the room – consider faders for extra control. Task lighting is direct light used in work spaces, such as above kitchen benches or islands. Too little ambient light and too much task light will create a nasty contrast and eventually give you sore eyes – you need to get the balance right.

Custom Features of modern furniture


Blanket Chests, Sofa Tables, Bookshelves, and Coat Racks can be made out of your choice of woods. A choice of stain or paint and finish is also available.


  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Cherry
  • Walnut

  • Natural Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Old Oak
  • Clear

  • French White
  • Classic Black
  • Country Blue
  • Barn Red
  • Shutter Green

  • Glossy
  • Semi-Glossy
  • Flat
  • Satin
  • Antiqued

Each piece of furniture can be custom crafted using other dimensions.


To place an order fill out the following form. Please describe your furniture request by naming the piece, specifying the size (if other than standard), and choosing the type of wood and stain color. Your inquiry will be returned to verify the order and finalize pricing and payment procedures. Kindly allow 10-12 weeks for each piece to be crafted.


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The ranking is a good measure of credibility. However, how will you know that your choice is not a company that is only excellent in SEO and average at the design services? Well, here are a few pointers.

1.      Portfolio

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